Article notes

Updated on : added Luke Burgis' article

Here lies most of the stuff I consider worthy to remember from the articles I stumbled upon on the web.


Jimmy Soni - 10,000 Hours With Claude Shannon: How A Genius Thinks, Works, and Lives [archived link]

Jørgen Veisdal - The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann [archived link]

James Somers - The Friendship That Made Google Huge [archived link]


Roger Caldwell - How to Be A Cynic [archived link]

Daniel Chambliss - The Mundanity of Excellence [archived link]

Paul Graham - Life is Short [archived link]

Derek Sivers - I assume I'm below average [archived link]

Jason Roberts - How to Increase Your Luck Surface Area [archived link]

Luke Burgis - 25 Anti-Mimetic Tactics for Living a Counter-Cultural Life [archived link]


Academy of Ideas - The Psychology of Heroism [archived link]

Amy Rauer, Allen Sabey, Christine Proulx, Brenda Volling - The Marital Problems of Happy Couples [archived link]

Scott Barry Kaufman - The Myth of the Alpha Male [archived link]


Catherine Buni & Soraya Chemaly - The secret rules of the internet [archived link]

Brandur Leach - In Pursuit of Production Minimalism [archived link]

Paul Graham - Fashionable Problems [archived link]

David Both - An introduction to Linux filesystems [archived link]

LSB Workgroup, The Linux Foundation - Filesystem Hierarchy Standard [archived link]

Samuel Taylor - new codebase, who dis? [archived link]