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These words are my words. They are me — as much as I can make them and as much as words are people — and are intended for me and people like me, however you are.

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Docker permission errors are not ok

Quick one for you today. And it's a mystery for you to solve. Kinda like Sherlock Holmes' The Final Problem but more Unix-y.

/usr/local/bin/polkadot: line 1: Not: command not found

What do you do when you see an error like that? If you are like me, you do not read the full message. You instead rush to create hypotheses and test them.

Azure autoscaling best practices: an addition

If you don't use a scale-out and scale-in rule combination, then you might get flapping.

Hello, World!

This website will have mostly philosophy-, psychology-, and technology-related content. I aim to display this content on a simple yet beautiful website that is designed to last and to be accessible to as many types of people as possible throughout its lifetime.